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Providing everything you need to succeed 

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Commissioning and Handover

Commissioning is the vital process that takes a project from static completion through to full building integrated systems testing.

Our progressive system of testing, regulation and balancing ensures each system is fully compliant to the design specification and all relevant codes, standards and current practices.

Asset Strategy

By installing sensors to monitor infrastructure performance and condition, using customer data to gain insight into asset use, we’ll help you manage your assets more strategically.

Benefits range from self-diagnostic and reporting assets that highlight when preventative maintenance is required, to the identification of underlying causes of congestion, pinpointing where asset enhancement is needed.

Image by Sajad Nori

Project Management

By using BIM and CDE from project planning through delivery to commissioning and into operation, we promote collaboration with you and all parts of the supply chain.


This leads to designs better matched to operators’ and road users’ needs; right first-time construction with less waste; better management of risk; and accurate hand on of planning, design and construction data to enhance operation and management.

Technology Strategy

With innovative, value engineered and robust solutions, making best use of emerging technology, you gain smoother running, enhanced capacity, journey time reliability, improved safety and greater customer satisfaction.

Image by Luke Chesser

Options and Feasibility

By gathering data and transforming it into information, we help you to advise travelers on their journey plans, keep operators informed so they can make strategic network management decisions, and help emergency services to plan for and respond to incidents.

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