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There are over 2,000 bridge strikes every year across the UK, estimated as costing taxpayers in excess of £20m a year and causing thousands of hours of train and vehicle delays.

We have systems to prevent incidents associated with over height and overlength vehicles protecting the infrastructure and the road user.

Our vehicle warning systems use sensors to track over height or length vehicles in advance.


These sensors send a message to a sign to warn the driver and advises them to either stop or take the nominated diversion.


Inductive loops are considered the most reliable traffic classification detection method available.

An inductive loop consists of wire "coiled" to form a loop that usually is a square, circle or rectangle shape that is installed into or under the surface of the roadway.

Inductive loops work like a metal detector as they measure the change in the field when objects pass over them. Once a vehicle drives over a loop sensor the loop field changes which allows the detection device to detect the presence of an object (mainly a vehicle). Inductive loops are referred to as presence detectors and in traffic detection are often used in combination with axle sensors to collect classification data such as speed and length data.


he Ubiquiti UniFi Protect and Video Camera Surveillance systems are dynamic for varied applications, such as fixed smaller spaces and larger areas like warehouses where camera dexterity is paramount.

Cameras in this range are easy to operate and manage with UniFi Protect video software and feature clear 1080p video resolution, as well as the benefit of day and night surveillance with their infrared LEDs and automatic IR cut filter.

UniFi Protect is a highly scalable, feature-rich, end-to-end hardware and software platform. Expand your surveillance network with hundreds of indoor/outdoor video cameras across multiple locations.


A sophisticated range of easy-to-integrate, globally compatible radar devices are developed in AGD’s R & D Centre and manufactured in-house. AGD’s radars are capable of managing combinations of range, speed and angle across multiple targets. Solutions integrate & interact with Smart City & Highway systems or legacy controllers to provide the high-value data critical to enhancing safety and efficiency.

  • Single & Multi-lane vehicle detection, control, speed-management and enforcement

  • Vehicle, intersection and critical areas Incident detection & management

  • Red-light & Yellow box vehicle detection, control and enforcement

  • Approaches, Intersections, Wait zones and Crossings

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