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Renewable Energy

- Wind turbines 

- Solar Panels 

- Renewable regulators 

- remote equipment monitoring 

A Bit About Me

At Altaroute we have a highly skilled team that can provide bespoke off-grid energy solutions.

Using state of the art renewable energy technologies we can assess and design a system to meet your consumption needs. 

from powering electronic signage to detections systems we have a solution to meet your needs. 

Off Grid systems supply 

Consultation and design 

Test and Build 

Install and commission 

Our consultation and design team have a solution to all of your off-grid street furniture needs from signage to lighting we customize a solution to suite your needs 

The secret to a successful project is extensive testing before the project reaches the site saving time and money on implementation.

Our highly skilled engenerings teams will ensure that you system is installed and finished to the highest standards. 

Ensuring your project is serviced and supported all the way. 

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